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EV4Africa is a mission-oriented initiative, towards facilitating smart electro-mobility and green energy innovations in Africa. By creating a sustainable Transportation and Green Energy Ecosystem that encompasses both micro and macro mobility and green energy elements.

Africa still has great investment potentials with high opportunities for growth in the automotive and energy sectors. Electric Vehicles and Green Energy for the future initiative are gradually gaining momentum on the continent and set to grow exponentially in the next few years. We need a concerted effort as major players towards this transition to make e-mobility and green energy products or services accessible and a top choice across Africa.

Our aim is to empower the youth and young women with the necessary skill-set by creating and building their capacity in preparation for EV and green energy adoption and mass usage across Africa. By harnessing the talents of the youth towards research, conversion, assembling and long-term manufacturing of e-mobility and green energy tools and equipment.

"We are poised to create Africa's largest & sustainable e-mobility and Green Energy ecosystem for Africans by Africans"

Imagine a kind of system where you have lightweight electric vehicles relatively small battery capacity, and then picking up charge wherever they park. You never have to worry about filling up your car, never go to the gas station, never plug it in, never do any of these things.

William J. Mitchell

the dirty truth about combustion engine vehicles


To make it possible for African Mobility &
Green Energy Innovators to accelerate their innovations across Africa.


A sustainable Electro-Mobility &
Green Energy ecosystem in every community across Africa


. Leadership

. Sustainability

. Innovation


We are Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) oriented organization with specific focus on 5 SDGs

Meet Our Team

The team at EV4Africa has a wide range of experience and specializations from different areas of expertise. We combine our efforts to help mobility and green energy innovators to accelerate their innovations across Africa.

Management Team

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Emmanuel Ofosu

Programs Manager

Emmanuel is a Junior Undergraduate Physicist with special interest in Applied Experimental Physics, Embedded Systems and Robotics.

Over the years, he has worked on Portable Biogas Systems, Golf-Playing Robotics, Experimental Hydrogen Fuel-cells and Tutoring robotics at high schools. Currently working on AI Powered Script Marking Systems and Electric Car Vision using Lidar, Radar and Computer Vision.

Komi Dogbe
Komi Degbe Dodji

Associate Engineer

Komi is an engineering expert with focus on Solar installations and management. He has various engineering inventions to his name.

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Junior Engineer

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Admin Assistant

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Admin and Web Developer

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Advisory Team

Profile picture of Spencer T. Korankye

Spencer T. Korankye

Co-Founder, Director & Strategy Advisor

A Certified Strategy Tools Global Coach and experienced trainer, strategist, entrepreneur,  business development and innovation enthusiast with a passion for challenging the status quo.

He is the Lead Consultant for Mpact Lane Consult with 18+years track record of defining new business strategies, launching new ventures, delivering operational impact and empowering people to deliver their best in everything they do. 

He Co-founded EV4Africa under in collaborations with the Indian partners to empower Africans to explore current and future opportunities in the E-mobility and Green energy sectors. 

Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh
Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh

Co-Founder, Director & E-Mobility Advisor

Ashhar is an experienced Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the EV Development & E-Mobility Industry. 

Joseph Y. Ribeiro Xavier (Ph.D., M.GhIE)

Renewable Energy & E-Mobility Advisor

A Lecturer at Kumasi Technical University with PhD in Oil and Gas (Storage & Transportation Engineering) and Masters in Mechanical Engineering  

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