African Electro-Mobility & Green Energy Accelerator

We are on a journey to lead and advance the transition to a smart and efficient automotive and energy future for Africa. By creating an ecosystem platform for Mobility and Green Energy innovators to accelerate their innovations across Africa


Upskilling and Reskilling the Youth and Young Women, to explore job and business opportunities of the future in e-mobility and green energy, through modern engineering


Creating the platform for sustainable e-mobility to be easily developed, accessed, powered by green energy, used and maintained everywhere in Africa


Democratize and decentralize the generation of affordable renewable energy to easily power the digital future of Africa, from mobility to industry

EV4 Africa

Electric Vehicles for Africa is a joint initiative by Mpact Lane Consult and Skill Shark India. To mobilize Africans to upskill, develop, collaborate, innovate, invest and economically transform their communities and environment with sustainable electro-mobility and green energy. 

We do that through Training, Research, Policy Development and Production facilitation. That includes awareness creation, skills development, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, policy planning and job creation.

We aim to empower the youth and young women with the necessary skill-set. By creating and building their capacity in preparation for EV adoption and mass usage across Africa. By harnessing the talents of the youth towards conversion, assembling, powering and long-term exploration of e-mobility and green energy tools, equipment, materials and resources.

Why EV for Africa

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and green energy in Africa has a far-reaching potential impact than other parts of the world. We believe that Africa has the advantage to surpass the world in e-mobility and green energy. Due to its natural resource capacity, underutilized youthful population and economic growth potential. 

All we need is the right ecosystem. With a united approach from all stakeholders to make the dream a reality. 

Just like how Africans have demonstrated to the world with mobile phone adoption and mobile money innovations for better financial inclusion, we want to facilitate same if not better in the transport and energy sectors across Africa.

EVs are Great for ....

The Environment

EVs are a better alternative in mobility due to harmful emissions from conventional vehicles

Sustainable Jobs

EV presents Africa with a new opportunity to create jobs for its youth population and young women

Our Well-Being

Reduced harmful exhaust emissions mean better air quality, fewer health problems and less noise pollution

Our Economy

EV production, distribution, maintenance and charging are pillars for sustainable economic development

Energy Distribution

EV power requirement will help Africa democratize sustainable power generation and distribution

Our Pocket

EV has the advantage of effective running costs because of lower fuel use and little maintenance cost

What does an eV offer

It is said that until an EV is personally experienced, it is quite difficult to fully appreciate what it offers to a user. For a user, EV offers you: 

Minimum Noise Level

EVs offer a peaceful driving environment. There are very few conventional vehicles that can compete on noise levels

Smooth driving experience

With no clutch, no gears, and no noise an EV will glide along in comparison to a conventional vehicle at all times

Automatic Drive

Most EVs do not have a gearbox. This makes for a very-smooth power delivery and instant power when required

No Added Complexity

EV is just a car! If you can drive a conventional car, then you can drive an EV. There's nothing scary or confusing about driving it

Speed & Performance

EV performance is better than the equivalent combustion vehicle. No gearbox means full power is immediately available at any speed

Improved Range

Most electric cars generate electricity through the motor when the car is decelerating. This provides energy efficiency and also allows for a smoother, one-foot driving

The New Era for African Transportation

Welcome to the new era of transportation for Africa. With zero emission and low noise, where speed, comfort, performance of electric and autonomous vehicles will be a game changer for all types of mobility in Africa.

What is EV Ecosystem

EV Ecosystem is the complete interaction, process or lifecycle required to sustain EVs within an environment. It also includes working with individuals, institutions, governments and private players in the process. That constitutes policy development, training, manufacturing, accessories, assembling, servicing, operations, charging infrastructure and financing. 

We invite all players to join hands with us to accelerate e-mobility innovation and adoption in Africa.

EV Production

The capacity to convert or retrofit conventional vehicles into EVs, assemble, and manufacture EVs for various use cases in Africa

More Range Per Charge

EVs should be able to provide significant range output per charge in order to prove its superiority over conventional vehicles

Commercial Charging Stations

Charging stations should be available at vantage points on city streets, retail destinations and other parking facilities

Power Sources

African EVs should be powered by energy from purely sustainable sources such as solar, biomass, hydro, wind or hydrogen fuel cells

Smart Grid

A smarter grid to transmit information between utilities and charging stations. Helping to create additional capacity and enabling consumers to manage vehicle charging stations

Servicing & Repair Stations

EVs just like regular cars require regular maintenance by experts after a specific usage criterion is met. Any form of repairs should be taken care of by trained and certified personnel.

Reliable Energy Storage

Batteries should be able to store more energy at less or no extra weight. While providing excellent charge and discharge characteristics over their lifespan. Because a sustainable EV ecosystem is only realizable with improved energy storage technology

Financial & Policy Support

Supportive government policies and other inputs. By various organizations, be it financial or technical aid, are also necessary towards the thriving of an EV ecosystem

Our Focus Areas


We intend to make e-mobility a major source of employment for African youth and young women. Working with our partners, we are building the capacity of faculty and students of technical institutions towards Africa's e-mobility future.

We are training and mobilizing to supply them with the tools, materials and other resources to convert conventional vehicles into electric vehicles.

Green Energy

We will ensure that e-mobility in Africa is fully powered by renewable energy. We intend to democratize and decentralize energy production and distribution. To make it easily accessible to power e-mobility, homes and communities across Africa.

We are building the capacity of the youth and young women in Africa to explore employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.


At EV4 Africa, we are always open to new partnerships with individuals, organizations and institutions anywhere in the world. Whose goals are in line with our vision, mission and values. You can reach out to us to discuss how we can collaborate towards the ultimate goal (+2335536995857 or / 

Our current partners include:

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